JENNIFER MCMAHON Spell Your Name Home Workout


Yesterday i saw a post on Instagram about a spell your full name home workout! It sounded really awesome, until i spelt my name. There was so many repeated moves that i was doing 150 burpees. Listen, i don't mind burpees and putting in the work. But i was looking for a total body variety…


  1. Posted by amanyee, — Reply

    this is a great workout to prepare yourself for tryouts! i used this for cheer tryouts and felt great!

  2. Posted by ehulily, — Reply

    Whew... already tired. --havent even started-- 😳😟

  3. Posted by addisonholman70, — Reply

    i fell like we would have the perfect body if we did ALL of these lol

  4. Posted by kc4440jr, — Reply

    my full name is 30 letters-

  5. Posted by vinylvoid, — Reply

    suddenly i was never born and don't have a name

  6. Posted by reichalvera, — Reply

    my full name is 14 letters plus an extra 6😩

  7. Posted by courtnaenae, — Reply

    Why are there 2 ‘C’s’??

  8. Posted by racheleggleton3, — Reply

    wow that looks hard

  9. Posted by kenleighmorris, — Reply

    Your killen me

  10. Posted by kenzieJG330, — Reply

    My full name is 12 letters

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